Benedict Inn

Landscape Architecture, Site Planning, & Urban Design

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Commercial, Projects


The Sisters of St. Benedict hired a team led by entheos Architects to consider the removal of their aging multipurpose building and focus their future planning on the Benedict Inn for the continued development of their retreats and programming efforts.

Mader Design led the effort to master plan the site, with a focus on maximizing visibility, increasing accessibility, and providing a welcoming atmosphere to their visitors and guests as they entered the site and facilities. Utilizing the Benedictine Cross as a theme for the design work, the religious symbol was integrated into the new building signage as well as into a paving pattern that serves as a drop off area and entry plaza for the retreat center.

Sustainability was important to the Sisters, and every effort was made to incorporate sustainable design features. The planting palette focused on native plants, while permeable pavers in the entry plaza, re-use of existing stone benches on the site, recycling pavement and concrete as fi ll material under the parking lot where a basement once existed, and utilizing bio-retention basins to filter stormwater from the parking lots provided many additional ‘green’ design elements within the site.