Corporate Headquarters

Landscape Architecture, Site Planning, & Urban Design

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Commercial, Projects


Jeff worked with in-house architects and the owner while at Schmidt for this corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, just south of the Children’s Museum. The owner wanted to increase visibility, provide new entrances, and display their corporate philosophy emphasizing technology within their physical environment. The project included work on the historic Meridian Street lawn, design for a new employee entrance, and the creation of a new public entrance to the building.  Safe and convenient pedestrian access to the building within an urban setting was an imperative program element while providing vehicular drop off areas and parking. The new public entrance created a striking corporate image at the northwest corner of the property across from the Dinosphere. The intersecting drop off circle addressed the public entrance while creating additional planting areas to soften the views through the site. A spiral form incorporated into the planting design unifies the geometry of the site. A new formal walk linked the historic mansions along the Meridian Street lawn while a modern outdoor dining plaza provides employees a chance to get outside for lunch or meetings. A new staff entrance was developed by reorienting parking to create a lawn and planting space and enable ADA access.