Landscape Architecture, Site Planning, & Urban Design

Our approach is very different from most, focused on providing service and a practical approach to design while integrating unique, sustainable, implementable solutions that consider aesthetics, the environment, and people. In our work as designers, everything comes down to people…people as client, people as end user, people as caretaker…people are the center of the design process.

Integrating People & Nature
The Mission of Mader Design LLC is to Integrate People & Nature through our planning and design work.

  • Integrating—Design is a collaborative process that focuses on combining aesthetics, client needs, and end-user experience through a sustainable solution.
  • People—Our work is all about people. Developing positive relationships and providing consistently innovative design solutions are the foundation of success and drives our work.
  • Nature—The impact our design work can have on nature is critical. With every design, we strive to balance at minimum, and improve wherever possible, our effect on the natural world.

Core Values
Mader Design LLC maintains a set of core values that guide us in how we operate on a daily basis. All are equally important and require constant attention to ensure we are doing our best for our clients, our community, and our firm. These guiding principles are our keys to success:

  • Relationships—Maintaining strong long lasting relationships with clients, consultants, and contractors is of utmost importance. Community relationships are key, and we take pride in volunteering our time and talents with numerous community organizations and on non-profit boards.
  • Quality—Every effort, project, and end product shall be delivered at the highest possible quality through diligent work, strong quality control processes, and consistent continuing education.
  • Resources—It’s been said that often times big rabbits are pulled out of small hats…this happens through efficient and effective use of available resources. We rely on our resources, ingenuity and strong relationships throughout the industry to be able to provide our clients the highest level of service possible.
  • Servant Leadership—Our commitment is first to serve in a humble, empowering, visionary manner, while being good stewards of your resources throughout the life of the relationship.
  • Ethics—We strive to be honest, forthright, and fair in all of our interactions and endeavors.